Being in lockdown through a pandemic is a challenge unlike the world has faced in recent decades.

It can feel very stressful and anxiety provoking due to the uncertainty of what might happen and the suspension of normal routines.

For many this also means being isolated from friends and family, which can have a huge impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing in multiple ways.

Created by Simon Frank and Margit Mulder at


A lovely book explaining coronavirus to children. Available free in multiple languages

A  free therapeutic

workbook focusing

on creative


and self regulation

for children


A lovely story for explaining lockdown to children. Also hot off the press is the new story about the stay at home superheroes going out again as lockdown lifts. Written by Sophie Marsh of Sophie's Stories

Being at home all the time doesn't mean having to do nothing.

The benefits of exercise on mental health and emotional wellbeing are well documented.

Have a go at one of these!

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