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Being able to regulate, ground and stay in the calm zone, or get back into it are skills needed for surviving the daily ups and downs of life as well as the bigger things.

There are so many things in that can mean it is hard to find the calm zone or stay in it.

Different ways will work for different people and not all ways work all the time.

Some videos on grounding, soothing and coping exercises from Dr Karen Treisman that anybody can do anywhere to help ground themselves

Meditations for Children

kids_ltm_insta_3x (1).png

5 day free course by the famous Andy Hobson, mindfulness teacher. Kids have the opportunity to explore working with their breath, dealing with overactive thoughts, managing sad or uncomfortable feelings, learning how to be more kind to themselves and how to slow down and let go. Each lesson is between 5-12 mins

Start to meditate...

Mountain meditation.jpg

Mountain meditation from Andy Hobson for children (or adults) Become a strong peaceful mountain and go on an adventure into changing seasons.

Let's start

kids_ltm_insta_3x (1).png

You're perfect. Another gem from Andy Hobson promoting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Perfectly ready...

kids_ltm_insta_3x (1).png

Magic star meditation from Andy Hobson. Use your magical superpowers to find your calm, peaceful place within.

Find my magic...

kids_ltm_insta_3x (1).png

Join Andy on a flying adventure to help children calm themselves, relax and do to sleep with a little help from a flying cape and some magic dust.

Fly away...

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Cosmic Kids is an online yoga and mindfulness enterprise for children offering themed yoga and mindfulness sessions, helping to regulate children through movement and fun.

Go to Cosmic Kids

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