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It can be hard to know where to turn if you need support for any issue.

Sometimes it can feel too hard to talk to somebody you know, but you still need somewhere to turn to.

These are a collection of helplines, digital platforms and apps covering a range of issues that affect children and young peoples mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to check every link, we cannot be responsible for the content of external links.



0800 1111

A free, confidential service where you can talk about anything

Young Minds

Information about mental health and support

The Mix

0808 8084994

Support for under25's on all issues including relationships, sex,

porn, body issues, study, lifestyle, crime and money


Created by young people for young people on emotional health, wellbeing, drugs, relationships and more.

Rise Above

Advice on relationships, self esteem, mental health and more


Helps you talk about difficult things.

A downloadable NHS App


Want somebody to understand or advice to help a friend

Online advice for young people who are struggling

Muslim Youth Helpline

0808 8082008

Helping Muslim young people overcome life's challenges


Bish UK

Sex, Love and You.


Sexual Health Info

Self Harm

Calm Harm

An approved app to help manage urges to self harm

National Self Harm Network

Information and a dedicated forum to support those who self harm to reduce emotional distress and improve quality of life.

Eating Disorders


Youthline 0808 8010711

Information and support for those suffering with eating disorders

Anorexia and Bulimia Care

Support Line 03000 111213

A national charity supporting people affected by eating disorders


Hope Again

Helping young people living after loss

Winstons Wish

Helpline 0808 802021

Supporting children and young people after the death of a parent or sibling

Hearing Voices/ Psychosis

Voice Collective

For children and young people who see visions or hear voices

Me and My Mind

For anybody aged 14+, particularly focusing on young people who have paranoid thinking and hear voices

Staying Safe Online and in the World



Empowering children and young people to understand their own online safety.


Website featuring topics from netiquette, to doxing, a young persons guide to cybercrime and cyberbullying


The Hideout

Supporting children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse


Help Line 0808 8000661

Are you homeless, sofa surfing or at risk? Contact Centre Point for advice and support.

Let's Talk About It

Support for young people around radicalisation and extremism

LGE -Safer London

Supporting young people affected by gang violence in any London borough


Supporting young men involved in gang culture


Supporting young women affected by gang violence

Talk to Frank

Helpline 0300 1236600

Help with drug and alcohol abuse

Need emergency help or are worried about a friend


Support for young people 12-17 who are affected by somebody elses drinking

LGBT Support

Gendered Intelligence

Support Line 0330 3559 678


Call back/text and WhatsApp options  07592 650496

Young Stonewall

Supporting young LGBT people

The Proud Trust

Offers 1:1 and youth groups for LGBT young people who are exploring their sexuality, out, and thinking of coming out.

The Beaumont Society

Helpline 01582 412220

The largest and oldest support group for transgender people and their families in the UK

Albert Kennedy Trust

Helping young LGBT people aged 16-25 find safe housing and



Helping families and friends address issues of sexual orientation within the Islamic faith

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre

Pooky Knightsmith; Teens and Young Adults Mental Health Channel

A collection of videos supporting young people and adults around mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Children's Rights and Advocacy

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Coram Voice

An advocacy service for children and young people in the care system

National Youth Advocacy Service

Advocacy Focus

Caring for Communities and People: Children's Advocacy

Advocacy Services Guidance

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