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Having time and space for play, fun and creativity is essential for wellbeing and mental health.

Through play and creativity children learn about, explore and make sense of the world, gain mastery over it, express, process and explore feelings and ideas.

When playing opiods (feel good hormones) are released in the brain.

Play and creativity are also the best solid foundation any child can have for future learning.

BBC bitesized.jpg

BBC Bitesize has a range of resources from learning from primary to secondary to games and activities


A free resource site to encourage creativity and wellbeing for all


Scratch is creative computer programming for children and young people. Make your own video games, program your own stories and animations and share them with others


The Imagination Tree is a website full of creative and educational resources sorted by age and by type of activity. A real treasure trove of fun.

Wellbeing Fun Challenge

No right way! Just your way!

Are you bored or just want a new idea? Try our wellbeing challenge for exercising your imagination and creativity with things that you have around you. Susie from the Flourish Kitchen came up with this one.

Be sure to check for new challenges and fun ideas

For more ideas from Susie check out her resources page.

Early Arts.jpg

Early Arts believes that play and creativity  are the basis of developing key skills children will need. They have an excellent bank of wonderful creative resources for children and families. SIgn up to the e-bulletin for great ideas delivered straight to your inbox.

artful parent.jpg

The Artful Parent is another website packed to the brim with amazing creative activities for children, and to inspire adults when they have run out of ideas. Another gem.

Father and Son Baking

Fun at home. A daily blog of fun activities that can be done with very little from home with children, young people and for the whole family. Ranging from arts and crafts to parlour games, there is something for everybody here

Flourish Kitchen.jpg

Promoting therapeutic cookery and discovering the joy of food in children and young people. Also has food related activities for adults and children to do together.


Tinkercad is a free, easy to use app for 3D design, electronics and coding, to imagine, design and create anything. The only limit is your imagination

OIP (5).jpg

Speech Bubbles. 20 fun and inspiring drama games to play at home with friends, grown ups and cuddly toys

OIP (6).jpg

Virtual trips and theme park visits. Even if you can't go out you can visit another country, ride the biggest roller coasters and have some time out without ever even standing up!


Providing opportunities for children and young people to explore creativity at times when they need it most.


The Treasure Time Podcast offers advice on building children's resilience through difficult times through bite sized playful tips and activities that can easily be implemented straight away to support families mental and emotional health and wellbeing

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