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The learning zone can provide psychoeducation, linking content which can help understand more about emotions, behaviour and why we are the way we are.

This is for both adults and young people to deepen their understanding and insight.

We all have  window of tolerance. Basically that means what we can cope with before becoming dysregulated. If you are in your window of tolerance we would say you were well regulated. If not you are dysregulated. Some people have a big stable window of tolerance. Others have a smaller and more wobbly one. It can change. Like on some days you feel you can take on anything and nothing bothers you. Then there are those other days where you just can't. Join the brilliant Beacon House team to learn more about the window of tolerance and your brain

Image & Information  courtesy of Beacon House Therapeutic Services and Trauma Team |2019|

Child friendly animated video brought to us by Kids Want To Know explaining why we lost control of our emotions and 'flip our lid,' in difficult situations from the point of view of what happens in our brains.

Understand what is going on in the amazing teenage brain. Did you know that when you hit adolescence and go through puberty your brain undergoes the biggest restructuring ever. Find out what goes on and the effects that has on you.

Mindful Thinks has produced a great little video explaining the effects of blue light emitted from our phones and laptops on our sleep.


The Treasure Time Podcast offers advice on building children's resilience through difficult times through bite sized playful tips and activities that can easily be implemented straight away to support families mental and emotional health and wellbeing


What are adverse childhood experiences and how do they impact children and young people?  How can we help children overcome them. Find out more through this animation by Kazzum Arts

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